Sorry for disappearing this week. Somewhere between pushing myself to finish the manuscript, cleaning and packing before we went to Ohio, the busy weekend, and then the horrid return trip, I came down with some kind of compound head cold cum fatigue blast. Even while we were in Ohio, I took big naps every day – two or three hours each, and they didn’t make it hard to sleep normal hours at night. That should have tipped me off in a big way.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I was back home that I conceded defeat to the sickness-gremlin. I’ve continued the mega-nap trend, which really takes up huge chunks of productive time during the days. My brain seems to be working better during my waking hours now, but the fatigue is hanging on. I don’t even have the extra energy to be witty about it.

If all goes well, we’ll be hanging up the newly framed art in the office today, so I’ll post pictures when that happens. Whee! Pretty art!

Otherwise, I just need to get all my books read and critiques finished before residency in a week and a half. Woo residency!