I’ve been amazingly remiss in taking any pictures at all while I’ve been here at Seton Hill. I’ll try to remedy that tomorrow, at least a little bit. So far, I’ve talked about The Lies of Locke Lamora, been briefed on all the things I’ll have to get done before graduation, taken modules on critiquing methods and various trends and expectations in romance publishing (good info, even if I’m working on fantasy stuff at the moment), gone to thesis defenses and teaching sessions, and in general had a lovely time with my fellow WPFers.

I also met with my mentor, and we talked about what needs to happen in order for my thesis novel to be finished (to my satisfaction) in time for graduation. It’s a lot, but I’m up to it.

And I’ve got what I think is a good idea for my own teaching module in January. I think I’ll talk to Lee before I head home this time around to see if I can lock in on that and have one less thing to worry about later in the term.

Now it’s time to head to sleep – tomorrow my piece gets a workshop critique, the afternoon module should be lots of fun, and then more thesis readings at night. I’m looking forward to it.