I has it.

I did take pictures around campus, but they’re not online yet, so I can’t post them. I don’t think I took a picture of a single person all week, so if you’re hoping to get something like that, you’re going to be disappointed. But there are some cool photos.

My brain crossed the “fried” threshold yesterday afternoon at about 3:30, and most of my conversations since then have been punctuated with odd pauses and nonsensical words (more than usual, I mean) as I try to figure out which words I’m supposed to use to convey basic thoughts like “I’m going back to my room now.” It’s rather an amazing thing to see scores of writers reduced to babbling lack-wits who can’t hold a coherent conversation. Also fodder for lots of laughs, though that may be because we’re all punchy, too.

Almost everything is packed for my flights home tomorrow. I’ll be at the airport early, but that never matters much. I’ll be reading there just like I’d be reading here, and who knows? Maybe I can get on standby for an earlier flight.

I’ll take most of tomorrow off from any kind of writing work (I might take time at the airport to compile some of the comments from my workshop critique earlier this week) and then start in on hard-core revisions of the manuscript on Tuesday.

That’s the plan, Stan.

For now, I’m finishing the packing, watching the end of a Dirty Jobs episode, and get me some good sleep before a day of travel.