I’ve split my time today between doing lots of laundry and working on the novel revisions. I’m happy to announce that almost all the laundry is done (one load to fold, one to dry and fold, then towels to do tomorrow) and that I can consider myself solidly finished with revisions on 21% of the novel.

I reached one of the scenes I skipped writing out in May in favor of covering the full story arc, so I’ll have to write that tomorrow, and then I’ll be moving into material I first wrote a year and a half ago. Once I get that one scene written, I’ll be finished with the prologue and the first 8 chapters. Not too bad for a week’s work, eh?

Also worth noting, I took care of several large-scale issues in my revisions notes – things like fixing an italics discrepancy with a few words throughout the whole manuscript. I think I caught all of them, but we’ll have to see.

I hope your Monday was as productive as mine.