Yesterday I made notes on another quarter of the manuscript, and today I started in on translating those notes back to the computer. I worked through a whopping six pages of manuscript today, which doesn’t seem like much on the surface. On the other hand, these pages were the former opening of the novel, which means a lot needed to be adjusted – a lot of backstory and setup for upcoming events has already been established with the new beginning, but I had to be careful that I didn’t cut important details that hadn’t been mentioned yet.

And, of course, about halfway through the second scene, it was like Donald Maass was looking over my shoulder, pointing to bits of my scenes and saying, “Why is this so easy for Kerris? You need more tension! There needs to be some sense that she might fail!” Garrrr. More work, but it will make the book better, so it’s worth it.

At any rate, tomorrow’s my day at the office that pays me by the hour, so I’ll have to wait until evening to work on the novel.

Ah, and for the sake of keeping up, I’ve ironed out 24% of the draft, based on word count.