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Third Day is Love

Deadline work continues. I really dislike rewriting scenes. Some edits are quick and easy, and others are rather like slogging through knee-deep mud with two feet of water on top of that. I’m currently working through a section of the latter, which means I suspect I’ll be turning in ten chapters instead of twelve as I had hoped. But we shall see. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll develop mudshoes (like snowshoes only for mud, get it?) and start moving faster through this bit.

I just downloaded the latest Third Day album and all I have to say is that they’ve got another one on my immediate ‘favorites’ list. ‘This is Who I Am’ and ‘Revelation’ are my current favorites, but I’m sure it will all even out over time.

If you were condemned to a life of only listening to the music of two artists for the rest of your life (if they’re still producing, you would have access to new albums as they came out), who would you choose?

For me? Third Day and Billy Joel. I think all life circumstances can be encountered appropriately with one or the other.

How about you?


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  1. Oh man, what a question to ask. I’m going to have to go with Classic Crime (’cause they’re my favorite) and Relient K (’cause they have funny music, Jesus music, and thought provoking music all at the same time. Plus they’re constantly coming out with new stuff so I’ll have more music to listen to as soon as I get sick of the old stuff).

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