Do you ever put something off because you think it’s going to be harder than you want to deal with right now? Do you ever feel ridiculous because you know it’s not going to get easier the longer you put it off? Are you a master of procrastination and the inevitable guilt that follows because you didn’t get anything done?

I do, I do, and I am.

And really, I just need to remember that it’s never That Bad. The scene I’ve been avoiding working on for the past four days? Done. Yeah, it took longer than I might have liked, but it took a lot less than three days’ worth of work, which is what I turned it into. I must be certifiable to do that. Good thing I’m on meds. ;)

What tonight’s message boils down to is this: it’s not that hard to find the creative groove again once you feel you’ve lost it. Chances are, it’s not far off, it’s just hidden in the underbrush of Life’s Other Stuff That Creeps In. Soon as you start looking, there it will be. Right where you left it.

And, since I can give you tangible stats tonight, 35% of the manuscript is done. I’ve got to add one scene tomorrow (can adapt it from a ‘deleted scene’ I wrote early in the process) and make major fixes to another, then line edits on two more scenes and I’ll have the first twelve chapters finished. Cool, eh? I think so.