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I’ll Be Quiet For A While

Manuscript progress is at 48%. Woohoo! I intend to work on bits and pieces this week, just to keep my toes wet, but most of my time will be taken up by WorldCon/Denvention. Loads of fun! I’ll try to remember to take pictures.

Have I mentioned that one of Shiloh’s new favorite activities is going outside after dark to play with the toads? She noses them. They hop. She gets all excited. She noses them. They hop. She gets all excited. You can see how this could go on for quite some time in puppy-land.

Have a good week!



  1. Toads? You have *toads* there? I swear, I’ve never seen an amphibian loose in CO. Cool. And, see ya over the next few days! I’m getting in tomorrow afternoon.

  2. Yep, definitely toads. I think they gravitate toward our sprinkler-fed grass and burrow under the bushes during the day. I’ve only ever seen them after dark.

    I’ll keep my eye out for you – safe travels to get here!

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