It’s been a full couple of days, really. Some of the panels have been really interesting, some not so much – the latter, I think, mostly because I had hoped to glean something new on a topic I’m already familiar with, but the panel conversation didn’t happen to wander into new territory for me.

I found fellow Seton Hill-er CPC at the Planet Stories table and we had a nice conversation about life and writing and things that get in the way. And then, since I hadn’t eaten nearly enough, I almost fainted. CPC rescued me from a paramedic encounter by fetching me some M&Ms and a soda (thanks again, Chris) and after I recovered, I went about my day. Got some books signed, went to another panel, lost my wallet, and came home.

Didn’t realize I’d lost my wallet until I got home. Oddly enough, I didn’t panic. Yesterday morning I walked all over the Denver Convention Center (which is HUGE, btw) trying to check all the lost and found places, none of which had my wallet. We cancelled the one credit card I’d lost along with it and, of course, about two hours later someone turned it in to the convention’s information desk and I got it back. Whee wallet back! Boo cancelled credit card. *shrug* But so it goes.

Got more books signed, ran into Traci Castleberry (yet another SHU-er), more panels, and somehow managed not to run into Carol Berg all day, even though I know she was around.

Matt was downtown last night, so he picked me up downtown and we had a nice dinner and then came home. So that’s the gig so far. I’m having fun, tho I’m getting the feeling that a three-day con might be my ideal length. This one seems like it’s just going to keep on going forever.