Had run on Friday and Saturday at WorldCon. Found more people I know, good food, etc. Had to leave after lunch on Saturday because our good friends were getting married, so we went to the wedding and did a lot of swing dancing at the reception (whee swing dancing!). Got home late, and I decided against church this morning so that I could a) recover a little bit of the sleep I’ve lost in the last few days, b) get an earlier start on the laundry and, subsequently, the packing, c) get all the things done that need to be done before we leave tomorrow aside from the aforementioned packing.

So far, things are going more or less without a hitch. I’m trying to decide whether it would be better to take a nap this afternoon and accept my shortened sleeping hours tonight, or whether I might actually go to sleep early this evening and not lose that much sleep anyway. I have a feeling the latter is a pipe dream, so I’ll probably be taking a nap before too very long.

And that’s where we stand. Hope your weekend’s been lovely!