We drove for 22 hours yesterday, from 4:30am mountain time to 4:30am eastern time. Matt has already agreed to split the return drive into two days, which makes me happy. Otherwise, it was a blissfully uneventful drive. We identified the place in Kansas (outside Manhattan) where we almost died two years ago. It doesn’t look scary, but I took pictures. I’ll post them and others from the drive tomorrow if I have the time.

We slept until 11am, went to lunch with Mom and Dad at noon, and then I sat on the front porch and alternately read and watched the lawn crew chop down some trees and feed them into the wood chipper. Doc came over, we all went out to dinner and got ice cream, and came back and played pool. I think I’m almost caught up on all the things that happened online in the last two days. We leave tomorrow at about 8:30 for the next leg of the trip. We should sleep in Syracuse tomorrow night, and we’ll be done with the extended driving for a while once we’re there.

My brain is mush. Time for sleep.