We rolled into our apartment complex a little after 5:00 yesterday, having stopped at a grocery store on the way into town to get things like milk and eggs. The whole drive was pleasant (aside from the raging thunderstorms in Kansas, but we were moving west and they were moving east, so it worked out and we got to watch some fantastic lightning) and largely uneventful, which is the best way for a cross-country drive to be, in my opinion.

We unpacked pretty much everything last night, and I even got almost all the laundry done before we went to bed. Go me! Today we embarked on a bit of larger-scale restocking of the kitchen, and stopped into Best Buy on a whim to see whether, since we know they get shipments in Sundays, they might have Wii Fit in stock. And what do you know? They did! So we used a bit of money we tucked away for unexpected loveliness and got one. It’s got functions to let you set goals and track progress and activity levels, which will fit right into our cooperative goal to be more disciplined and intentional about the ways we spend our time. You can even enter non-Wii activities (taking a walk, household chores, etc.) and keep track of all that, too. Very cool.

Tomorrow I’ve got one more bag of stuff to unpack, mostly things we brought back from Ohio after I cleaned out my childhood dresser. Otherwise, there are bills to pay and a whole stinkin’ lot of novel to revise.

How’s your August gone?