It’s been a rough week in terms of writing, and I’m not sure why. “Frustrated” and “overwhelmed” aren’t the adjectives I’d really like to use to describe my mindset a month before The Last Deadline, but that’s been the deal so far this week. I haven’t been idle, though. The house is cleaner than it’s been in months, and I’m making good progress with catching up on our financial records (it’s been six months since that happened, which probably contributes to the money meltdown I’ve been having recently). I did some reading for my critique partners, though I still haven’t sent them comments and I feel horrible about that.


  • I found jeans that actually fit me, waist, hips, and length–and they’re only $50. It might be a certified miracle, and I might be a Wrangler girl for life. For any other tall, thin gals, check out both styles of their Ultimate Riding Jean. They are love.
  • While I was at the store looking for jeans, I found a fantastic pair of boots. Too bad I don’t have a real reason to get them, other than their utter yumminess.
  • We’re in the market for a french coffee press so we can cold-brew our coffee without as much fuss as it currently takes. Cold brewing leaves out the acid and oils that upset my stomach, but maintains all the benefits of full, rich flavor. Matt usually drinks his coffee iced, anyway, which means up until now we’ve been brewing hot coffee and cooling it. And, you know, I can heat it up if I’m in the mood for hot coffee instead of iced. Unfortunately, to get one that seems like it will serve us well for some time to come, we’ll need to spend a bit of money. See the aforementioned money meltdown to deduce my feelings on that score.
  • There’s a fantastic incentive for hosting a Pampered Chef show in September, and I’d love to take advantage of it, but I fear that between The Last Deadline and the money situation, I’ll have to watch it pass by.
  • So far, staying on track with the Wii Fit stuff. I am such a push-up weenie.
  • I’m going for a bike ride to clear my head before returning to the novel for some manuscript-kicking this afternoon.