Aside from one scene that I still can’t find the right way to end, I’m functionally 60% done with the novel revisions. . . maybe a touch more. The numbers are misleading this time around (if you’ll note, I was 48% done on August 5th) since I figure the percentages based on word count, and how far through the document I’ve edited. But this last 12% of material had a lot that needed deeper adjustments than just a quick line edit or wording tweak. Several scenes got rewritten, several got written in the first place, and it became essential to really map out my adjusted timeline, among other things. So I’m feeling quite good about this progress – there’s still a bit more that will need more extensive adjusting, but then it will ease up again toward the end.

At the moment, I’m pretty sure my head won’t explode, after all. Don’t worry, by Tuesday there will be explosion warnings again. Just you wait.