I would really rather read instead of work on the novel today – it just seems like that sort of day. But Will assures me that at this point in his own Seton Hill experience, he felt the same way, and he highly advocates working on the novel every day *before* reading fun stuff. So I’m listening to the Voice of Experience (and logic) and making myself work first.

I was up early to take Matt to campus, so I swung by the local farmers market to see if our favorite orchard folks were there – they were, so I got some peaches and pears, a few tomatoes, and our first 20-pound box of apples of the season. We look forward to these apples all year. They’re a Jonathan cross (I never remember what other variety they’re crossed with), with the perfect balance of sweet and tart. They’re small – the big ones are rarely larger than a baseball, smaller ones look rather like squished golf balls, so they’re perfect for a little snack as we go for a walk. And they make fantastic apple chips. I expect we’ll be pulling down the food dryer from its usual place on top of the kitchen cupboards and running it more or less nonstop until we get through this box. Then we’ll get another box and do it again.

There are things I love about each season, and apples are definitely a big part of fall’s goodness.