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Still Alive

The manuscript has become pretty much all-encompassing, except for when I shove it forcibly out of my mind. Most annoying is the fact that I think about it while I’m falling asleep–or rather, while I’m NOT falling asleep because I’m thinking about it. And when I do get to sleep, it’s not good sleep. I’m remembering my dreams, waking up in the night, and feeling extra tired when I wake up, which all point to less than stellar rest.

At least I’ve made progress this morning on the myth/legends that I’ve been putting off for the last few months. I’ve know for some time what the point of the various stories needed to be, their moral or theme or whatever you want to call it. The trouble has been that I didn’t know what happened in each story. Theme without plot isn’t a story. So I’ve got a plot for one of them now, which is great, but for some reason the words aren’t flowing very well. I was going to write the story while all the plot ideas were still fresh (though I brainstormed on paper, so it’s not as if I’ll lose something vital), but at this point I’m thinking I should just move on to the other stories and see if tomorrow is more friendly to putting words on the page.

I made an appointment for a consultation with the dentist who will pull my wisdom teeth, so events have been set in motion for that.

I’m also being a weenie about the potential of moving away from my current day job. The alternative is a very good one, and I’m sure I’ll like it, but I never like giving my notice to quit, especially when I like my coworkers. But the move will be good both for my writing and our finances, so I have to get past the weenie-ness.

But now it’s time to get back to the writing. And the thinking about the writing. And the finishing. Ta ta.


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  1. Weenies are for cocktails and tailgating!

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