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I fell off the Wii wagon a few weeks back. In my own defense, there was that whole manuscript finishing thing I had going, but still. I haven’t exercised regularly in three weeks. Which is a bummer on several levels, among them the fact that all the good I was doing for myself physically has undoubtedly been negated by now. Also, I did notice a marked change in my outlook when I was going even 10 or 15 minutes of exercise every morning. Not only did I think about things more positively and proactively, I actually got more done. So shame on me for falling off the wagon. Never fear, I intend to climb back on. Soon. Really.

I spent a large portion of the weekend reading, which was darn nice. I also got some movies from the library (yay free!) and believe it or not, I spent some time away from the house. Mostly the time it took to go to the library and the farmers market, but outside nonetheless. I cleaned around the house a bit, but not as much as I half hoped.

I’m sick of all the political mail we’re getting, flyers from all the candidates for everything and all the issues and whatnot.

Today there are bills to pay, birthday cards to mail, a trip to be made to the University of Denver library, and Bible study. Also, several things I need to do to get the graduation ball rolling with the Seton Hill administrative offices. I’ve been putting that stuff off until I finished the manuscript, which would be now. That’s about all, but I think it’s enough.


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  1. Go battleground states, one of the few things I don’t miss about NH

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