I was going to wait until I had time to upload some photos from this weekend before I posted, but that will be silly, since I won’t have time until at least tomorrow. The backpacking trip was lovely, in almost all the possible connotations of the term. The only down side, so far, is that I managed to strain my right knee, which means today I’ve taken three ibuprofin pills and taped one of those one-time-use heating pads onto it (you’d be how surprised how little it takes to dislodge a badly-adhered heat pad from your knee joint area) and as long as I don’t so anything really silly (like crouch down) it’s just fine.

Shiloh doesn’t seem to have picked up a knack for jumping fences, though we are told she did dig a few small holes in the yard. We’ll have to watch out for that in the future. Also, she stayed in the yard when the gate got left open, even though the other dog went galavanting around the neighborhood. We’re pretty sure that’s because Shiloh knows which side her bread is buttered on, and staying near the humans who feed her is pretty much always a priority.

Also, I can now announce that news that’s been in the works lately – I’ve turned in my notice to my current day job, and this Thursday will be my past day there. Starting next week, I’ll be taking a job at the seminary as a personal assistant. I’ll get more hours at the same pay rate, and there’s an excellent chance that I’ll be able to make progress on my own projects while I’m there. It’s a winning situation all around. So that’s very fun.

Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine. Was it?