Wisdom teeth removal went smoothly, or so the doctor-man tells me. I don’t remember a thing.

My bleeding stopped fairly quickly, probably helped along by the fact that I was very good that first day about wrapping my face in ice packs to keep the swelling and bleeding down. And by “I was very good” I mean “My Mommy takes care of me.”

Night One went well, with me on the couch and Matt feeding me pain pills every 4 hours. Teamwork, don’t you know.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day actually getting things done, albeit from a reclining position. The bills got paid, emails got sent, phone calls were made (at least two, anyway). I was even thinking I might graduate from yogurt and Jell-O pudding to soft fish today, but then we started with the puking.

So far, there have only been two vomitous incidents, and I’m fairly certain they’re directly related to my prescription pain meds. Since my pain is getting better, I’ve moved to taking lots of ibuprofin (which seems to be doing just fine on the pain front and which might help my swelling). We’ll see if that helps with the puking. But really, how many other people can say they threw up a raspberry milkshake in the Macy’s elevator while sitting in a wheelchair?? Claim to fame, baby.

After that abortive trip to run errands, Mom and I retreated to the house, where I have quite happily not left the couch all afternoon. I read a little bit, napped a bit more, and will endeavor not to puke again tonight, so as to keep the vomit-per-day rate to a minimum.

Oh did I mention that this morning I woke up looking like I stole John McCain’s chin. Happy Halloween! Gotta love swelling.

And now that you all know a whole lot more than you wanted to about me and vicodin, I’ll let you get back to your regularly scheduled Halloween tomfoolery.

Oh, and speaking of tomfoolery, I do intend to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I even have an idea, but not a very well-developed one. Tom! Fool! Ery!