So I think I’ve mentioned that I’m not a particularly political animal. Most of the time I could really care less about all that mumbo-jumbo. I have to think really hard to remember how the electoral college and the popular votes are related. To be honest, at the time in my life when I was supposedly being educated about American Government, I had such a strong case of senioritis–mental claustrophobia, more like–that I left high school early so I could flee the country. No, really. I lived in Hungary for four months. Remembering how old a presidential candidate has to be wasn’t high on my to-do list.

Which is why I find it rather . . . amusing? ironic? novel? . . . that Matt and I are more or less glued to the elections coverage. Okay, so we’re alternating between elections and Dirty Jobs. But it’s kinda fun, watching states turn red and blue. Addicting, even. We even had the dog up on the couch cuddling with us for a while (and that never happens). Very strange evening in the Whitt household.