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I Am That Person

I have “watched” many of my friends approach their final residency for the SHU-WPF program. Some were super-organized and some were scattered. Almost none of them were prepared well in advance for their teaching modules.

And I’ll admit, I secretly thought, “I’m going to be more on top of things than that.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with chasing the ball a bit, just that I wasn’t going to do it.

Those of you who know me should be falling off your chairs laughing by now. I talk a good game, don’t I? Useless noise.

So I am taking this opportunity to declare – in an organized, on-top-of-the-ball fashion – that I will almost certainly not be ahead of the game come January. And I’m firmly cushioned by that irrational sense of peace that precedes panic, which will certainly remain until January 1st, when I’m on the plane flying to Houston for my cousin’s wedding. Then I’ll start wondering what in the world I’m doing a week before residency without anything more than an outline for my lesson plan.

Between now and then? I have other things to worry about.



  1. *snorfle*

    You’re so funny. Srsly.

    You’re gonna be in Houston in January?! Um, hello. That’s only like three hours away from me. When were you planning on telling me this? Huh? Huh? ;-)

  2. You’ve been a bit preoccupied lately, chica. ;) Apparently your employers actually want you to work for your pay. I don’t hold with any of that nonsense.

    And umm. . . hey, Aubrey, I’m gonna be in Houston right after New Years! That’s only three hours away from you! Wanna come down and hang out? Road trip!

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