You know how sometimes you’d be perfectly happy to do something, but the trouble is that there’s a mountain of prep work before you can actually, really, DO it? Like you’d like to make dinner but first you have to clean the entire kitchen because everything’s dirty? Or you’d like to work on revisions but you keep putting it off because you have to compile comments from four people plus your own notes on things to tweak before you can really sit down to the editing itself? And the comments for consecutive bits of the project aren’t all in one file from each person, so you’ll have to copy and paste and then merge and then add comments from people who sent summary thoughts in an email, and then decide whether to print the whole thing out or work with it all electronically and if you do print it out that will have to wait until you get home and. . . and. . . and. . . . But you really need to just get it done?

Yeah. That’s me today.

Just needed to share.