The housing issue has been resolved. We looked at an apartment/condo last night and put down a deposit to hold it. It’s about two and a half miles closer to church, and gives Matt a shorter bike commute to school. The space is a little bit bigger than where we are now, it has a garage (detatched, but with a nice bit of extra storage space that will be lovely), lots of closets, a big porch, assigned parking right outside our door — and a handicapped spot right there, which is great for our friends — and we’ll be paying less per month than what we are now. Utilities will be handled a bit differently there, too, so essentially we’ll end up spending about $70 a month less in the new place than if we stay where we are (stupid rent raises). And they don’t even want a pet deposit or extra rent for Shiloh, because they’re probably going to replace the carpets in a few years anyway.

We are, suffice to say, ecstatic. God is good.

And we don’t have to move in right away, which means we won’t be overlapping rent at two places for very long. I expect the first weekend in January will be The Moving Date. Which means I most likely won’t be flying to Houston, but I hope my cousin will understand.

Did I mention I might get to have a deep freezer again? *besotted sigh* I would love to have a freezer.

So with all that happening last night, the quilt didn’t get worked on, especially since I had to make my Amish friendship bread once we got home. But I’m okay with that. There’s tonight for quilting. I’ll make the most of it. Maybe I’ll turn the rest of November into National Quick Quilting Month, and see if I can finish both quilt tops I need so I’ll have all of December to quilt and bind them. Hmmm.

And now, I’m going to work on last-stage revisions on A WARRIOR CHOSEN. Because I’d like to start querying with it as soon as I know what our new address will be.

How are things working out for you?