The quilt is done, except for the tag. I still don’t know what to call it, but it looks great. Tag info will include the quilt’s name (whenever I decide what that will be), who made it (that’s me), who it’s for and why (that’s a secret), and when it was made. I make the tags both for posterity and because otherwise I have no idea when I made which quilt. We have three or four of my quilts in our house, and two each at my parents’ and my brother’s houses, aside from the ones I’ve given away. I’ve only been quilting for six years, but I have no trouble imagining myself in 30 years trying to remember when the heck I made Matt’s Doubting Thomas quilt (I couldn’t even tell you now off the top of my head but it was. . . 5ish years ago??? Four? This is why I make tags.)

Anyway, so finishing a quilt, even a rather small quilt like this one, makes it a nice day to start off.

But Matt called me a little while ago to read me the email reply from the owner of the condo we’re going to be renting – and to make a rather long story short, we’re going to be able to move into the new place almost right away and stay there for free through the end of the year. Whee! This will make almost everything leading up to residency and graduation easier, and it might turn January into a very pleasant month instead of a terribly hectic one.

I feel like dancing.