We have some very good friends who have taken care of Shiloh before when we were out of town – they have a fenced back yard, which she loves, and in general she doesn’t mind hanging out with them. It’s not as good as home, of course, but it’s better than a kennel. But since they had her last, they’ve gotten two cats – kittens, really, but not for much longer. Now Shiloh has been around cats before, but those cats are very crafty and generally chose to stay away from anywhere she was. She doesn’t tend to chase things with the intention of catching them, but sometimes (if they’re running) she’ll run after them just for giggles.

So we weren’t too worried, but we were cautious and aware of the fact that there might be Trouble. I took her over to meet the cats a few days ago, and things were peaceful enough to make it worthwhile to go forward.

I dropped her off last night, and about two hours later our friend send us a picture text showing the result of the first real encounter between Shiloh and Boots, the head cat there.

She inspires fear, doesn’t she? Such a masterful handling of the situation. Or not.

Yes, we have a dog who will debase herself so that everyone and everything loves her.

I think it’s hilarious.