I’m not even sure where to start. Thanksgiving was nice, but I think I already said that. Great food. I love my family. All that. I spent a lot of time unpacking my sister-in-law’s kitchen. We flew back, picked up the dog on the way home from the airport, and resumed packing for our move, which happened in the snow on Sunday.

At least it stopped snowing and was only slushy for the actual moving portion. Yesterday was Monday, right? I unpacked pretty much all day, took a nap in the afternoon, and dragged myself to Bible Study and back in the evening. Then unpacked more. Our bedroom, master bath, and most of the living and dining rooms are unpacked and entirely livable. The kitchen is about 80% there, hindered mostly by the fact that we need some more food storage space. The second bathroom and the office are still not really usable. And we can’t park in the garage yet.

Today I’m supposed to be working on changing our address with all the companies who need up-to-date information about those kinds of things. And I wish I could take a nap, but alas, I fear I will not get the chance.

I’m exhausted and sore and I want to be done.