Just a little recap of the last few days’ weather for everyone:

Sunday – four inches of wet snow
Monday – frigid (26 at mid-morning)
Tuesday – about 64 and sunny all afternoon, melted all the snow

Mmm skitzo weather.

The kitchen needs one more purchase to make it 100% functional. That would be hangy-wall-shelves for canned food, which are going in the laundry room.

All the books are unpacked and properly shelved. The office closet is clean and organized, even if it is mostly still packed boxes. But that’s better than the inaccessible jumble from earlier.

The second bathroom is still a disaster, but I’m okay with that for now.

My dreams of storing the air mattress in the closet of the room where it will be used have been dashed, but I’m getting a deep freezer out of the deal (yes, we’re putting a deep freezer in a bedroom closet; what’s it to ya?) so overall my happy-meter is very much in the positive end of the spectrum.

And you know? I think another evening of unpacking should see us ready to hang pictures, which is generally our last order of business in a move.

Earlier this evening I was chatting with a friend and listed off all the times I’ve moved. . . this makes 17, if you count the family’s move across town in 1989. All the rest have been since 2000. Sixteen moves in nine years. That’s ridiculous. With any luck, we’ll be continuing to lower my moves-per-year rate from here on out.

Maybe I’ll catch up on sleep this weekend.