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The Unpacking

It’s frigid again today – temps overnight were down in the single digits, or so the local news people say. We hung curtains in the house last night, and sleeping with them all closed did seem to help keep the apartment warmer, so that’s a good thing.

We’re close to being finished with the unpacking – Matt’s squirming because he hates the bare walls, and he’s home all day today, so I expect when I come home he’ll have everything unpacked that is in his power to unpack, and he’ll be more than ready to have me help hang all our various pictures.

That will still leave me to unpack and organize the second bathroom, which is more of a disaster than ever, but I think I can handle that.

Tonight should also see our washer and dryer installed in the laundry room. This is a good thing, because we are running out of clean clothes. Also, we’re going to take a trip over to the old apartment to pick up the last of our stuff and clean the place out in general. That means we’ll have the vacuum cleaner at the new apartment, which makes me very happy. The dog will not be happy, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Also, we’ll have butter again. The butter dish was one of the random things that never made it into a box (probably because it still has butter in it), and so we have lived all week without it. Let me tell you, dry English muffins are only good for a morning or two. Then you start craving butter. Believe me. I know.

And because Dr. Grounds has some errands to run and a doctor’s appointment, I doubt I’ll get much done as I drive him to and fro today. Not that I mind–I always have fun spending time with him–just that I won’t be individually productive. Of course, now that I think about it, I didn’t particularly have any goals for today that don’t involve unpacking at the apartment, so it’s not even much of a loss.



  1. Hi, was bored and googled up my last name, for no reason really. Anyhow, saw your web site, so figured I’d check, since my sister in law is named Betsy. Anyhow, career military here, originally from KY, but most of the Whitt family that I know of is from WV (open up a phone book in Logan Co WV, you find about 80% Whitt or Adams (cousins). Like I said career military here, so not much on the family thing, spend way too much time in the middle east, but we all have our cross to bare. Anyway, wouldn’t have posted this, but my wife is originally from Colorado, so thought it was odd. Who knows maybe we are related as way distant cousins or something. Never the less, won’t bother you any longer, just figured that I’d say that the web site is nice.

  2. Hi Will,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment – as far as I know, your branch of the Whitts is different from the one I married into – my husband’s family lives mostly in central and western New York state. But I don’t know much about where the family lived before my husband’s grandfather bought their family property, so it’s possible that there’s a link somewhere. His family is certainly big enough.

    I’m glad you like the web site – feel free to stop by any time and say hello. I’ll hope to “see” you around again soon! And thanks for your military service–that can never be said often enough.


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