Just checking in to say that the Open House and Christmas Extravaganza went off more or less without a hitch Saturday evening. We had a good time. We had too much food, but we had a good time. And we just might burn that stupid jigsaw puzzle.

I mailed Christmas gifts to my family members today, cutting it rather close, but I sucked it up and paid for second-day shipping.

I’ll be in the office tomorrow, which is the last day the campus is open until January 5th. I expect it will be quiet and relaxed, but for some reason I’m reluctant to take a book and read all day at my desk. Maybe because I read a book yesterday and another today. And I have this vague sense that I should be doing something else that is productive. Except that it’s been very nice to pretend that none of those things I need to do exist until after Christmas.

Went shopping today. I think I have pretty much everything I need for my thesis reading and teaching module.

Am I rambling? It feels like I’m rambling. Really, I just don’t have a lot of available brain power these days. Cryin’ shame, it is.