It’s time for one of my favorite blogging traditions (how lame am I? please don’t answer). The first line from the first entry of every month during 2008:

January – Well I got rather a lot of things done yesterday, but I didn’t sit down and write.
February – I just realized the Super Bowl is this weekend.
March – It’s been beautiful here all day.
April – Do you ever sit down for a day at work and wish with everything in you that you could be doing something else?
May – I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see this, because I can’t really leave my desk and I have no desire to go out and take a picture outside, but we have big fat snowflakes coming down outside, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop anytime soon.
June – It’s DONE! *happy novel dance*
July – I appear to not be dead yet.
August – Do you ever put something off because you think it’s going to be harder than you want to deal with right now?
September – 63% done with the general revisions/edits stuff.
October – It’s been a busy few days.
November – You don’t want to know how I’m feeling about my wisdom teeth right now.
December – I’m not even sure where to start.