My cousin’s wedding today was beautiful. Really lovely. We had a great time. The family also helped a lot with the party afterward, which means we’re all pretty darn tired, too, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

I’m working on packing my bag again, except that this time I don’t have the wedding gift in it, so I think I might have to get creative about fluffing things up. Not that that’s bad, really, just a little inconvenient.

And I’m really tired.

But I was fiddling around online this evening and, to make a very long story short, I have reclaimed! It now leads here! Woohoo! I have won the battle!

So I’m excited about that. I’m going to pack my bag up and go to bed, despite the fact that it’s way early. I’m really tired. Really really.

And my nephew is CUTE.