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Residency Update

I have, as usual, completely failed in my goal to take more pictures at this residency. 

But I presented my thesis Saturday night and did my teaching module this morning, and both went very well.  Tonight my two critique partners defend their theses (Matt has already done his; Sherry still to come) and then we’ll all have two more modules, one more workshop session, and the graduation ceremony.  Yay! 

I need to burn my thesis onto a cd and turn it in to the library, and at some point I need to swing by the campus bookstore and pick up my graduation robe, but that’s about all. 

My brain has been set to “coast”, at least until the end of this week, when I’ll start up on revisions again. 


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  1. I wanted to congratulate you on being a new Seton hill Alumni. Mrs. Miller posted the Graduating Class of 2009 to her blog on .So Congrads and welcome to the world of creative minds.

    May your journey be filled with excitement.



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