I finished residency, graduated without problems (no slipping and falling onstage for me!), had a lovely dinner with family, and was terribly glad to get to sleep Wednesday night.

Thursday morning, because of a freak traffic jam (no apparent cause for the holdup OR the return to normal driving speeds), we were an hour late getting to the airport. Actually, once we realized we were going to be late we called the airline and sorted things out so that we didn’t even go to the airport at all. They were going to make us pay $400 apiece, but since we’re such fabulous people (by which I mean we were willing to stay in Pittsburgh another night and there was a weather advisory for the airport) they switched us to a crazy early morning flight for free.

So we camped out in a hotel near the airport for the day, which was lovely. Naps were had by all. Television was watched, books were read, and pizza was eaten.

This morning, we almost didn’t get a ride on the airport shuttle because nobody told us yesterday that we had to reserve a spot. Silly hotel people. We asked specifically about the hours the shuttle runs, so they knew we needed to know. But it wasn’t too big a deal, and everything went well until we got onto the plane, where they hadn’t turned on the heat in the cabin yet. Freakin’ frigid. And then some maintenance holdup made us an hour late taking off. Our layover in Minneapolis was schedule to be just about an hour. . . we walked off the plane there four minutes before our connecting flight was supposed to leave the gate.

There was sprinting. There was asking for directions (stupid signs that direct you to trains that are OUT OF ORDER). There was more sprinting. There was asthmatic wheezing. There were missed opportunities to go to the bathroom. But there was also plane-catching.

And then, once the doors were closed and the plane backed away from the gate, we sat out on the tarmac. For another hour. We started to worry that we would make our friend, who was coming to the airport and we had no way of contacting, late for his afternoon class. As it turned out, we had time to hit up the McDonalds drive-thru and got him to class five minutes early, but it was a close thing. Bad traffic would have sunk us.

When we left Pittsburgh this morning, it was about 3 degrees (Fahrenheit). In Minneapolis? Negative 20. BRRRR. I wish they heated the jetways. And in Denver? Almost 60. *blissful sigh* I was made for mild winters. Not for non-winters. Mild ones.

Anyway, we’re back home, we have the dog, I bought some books with some of my Barnes and Noble gift cards, and we restocked the most essential foods. Now, Matt’s making dinner and we’re going to watch a movie and go to bed and, tomorrow, start The New Regime. More on that tomorrow.

Yay! I’m a Master!