No, Shiloh has not taken over the household (though we have been making jokes to that effect). She would want belly rubs all the time instead of just every hour, and I have a feeling she’d require turkey for dinner every day, with bacon. We can’t afford that.

I am ashamed to say that in the last two–okay, three–months, any semblance of a normal daily routine has pretty much gone the way of the buffalo. In the frenzy of the last few weeks, especially, I’ve felt more and more drained because of strange sleep schedules and the lack of any unifying element to my days. Those of you who have spoken with me know how scattered I’ve been.

So I’ve been thinking for a while that as soon as I could (read: immediately after residency), I would make some changes. As it happens, it lines up well with a transitional point in Matt’s schedule since his spring classes start next week, so we’re both straightening up together.

Under The New Regime (henceforth, TNR), I will wake up no later than 6:10, do my 20 minutes of WiiFit exercise, eat, and do morning devotions by 7am. I will, five days of the week, write a minimum of 500 words–but I will aim for 1,000 a day. If I don’t hit the minimum, I’m not allowed to join our friends for lunch on Sundays after church. I’ll continue to read–at least one book a week. Matt and I will take the dog for a walk every evening that we’re both home, and we’ll sit down together at the dinner table and eat at least three meals together each week. I’ll be in bed, lights out (no reading!) by 10:30 if at all possible.

That’s deliberate time every week spent taking care of myself, my faith, my marriage, and my writing. Matt’s version is slightly different, except on the points that involve both of us, and we’ve agreed to hold each other accountable to our goals instead of just turning a blind eye.

The New Regime.

So far, things are looking very good. Day One of TNR is a wild success.