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Two Things

One: Does anybody know how to get the WordPress Stats page to give me the day-by-day line graph of how many people visit instead of the indecipherable bar chart thing? It will give me the line graph consistently for a while, and then all of a sudden the stupid bar chart, and then after a week or two it goes back. I have no idea how to change it, and I’ve looked everywhere I can think of. Help? Anyone?

Two: I’m fighting depression. Funny, because things have gone so well for over a year now, since I caved and went to the doctor about meds. Not that I haven’t noticed it here and there. Give or take a few days, early December and early March tend to be harder on me than the rest of the year, and that puts me solidly in, well… danger seems like such a dramatic word. Anyway, it’s logical that I’d be having a bit more trouble these days, that’s all I mean to say. And I have been. But I’m doing what I can, moving forward in baby steps, at least. Better than standing still. But it’s wicked hard to focus, and really easy to get frustrated and give up.

Not very witty or melodramatic today, sorry to say. Maybe tomorrow.


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  1. hey there lady,
    i’ll keep you in my prayers. my dear hubby struggles with depression also and this past week has been tough for him as well. the winter months are more difficult for him as well.

    giving you a cyber hug. it’s not much, but hopefully it can help bolster you on the bad days.

    luv and hugs,


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