Things are looking up this morning, oddly enough. Aside from the fact that in the half-sleeping stage between when Matt’s alarm went off and when mine went off, I kept thinking today was Sunday, it’s gone darn well. It’s $1 breakfast burrito day at our favorite coffee shop, so we went out for breakfast. Crazy! We spent $4 total – 2 burritos and 2 cups of coffee.

I need to pay the bills this afternoon when I get home, but the library book sale is over, which means anything that’s still there is free. I’ll go over and look at the potential loot in a bit. And then I’ll be taking Dr. Grounds for a haircut and then home. I’ve got some non-manuscript writing that needs to get done, and I’ve decided that since we’re giving up TV for Lent, and since that’s a much bigger sacrifice for Matt than it is for me, I’m going to seriously cut back on my leisure reading so that we can spend more time doing things together.

This makes it especially ironic that I might have gone overboard a little bit at the library yesterday. You might ask, “How do you go overboard at the library?” And rightly so. It’s hard to go overboard when things are free, wouldn’t you say? But I came home with six big hardback fantasy epics and four paperbacks. . . and I already have about 30 books on my “to read soon” shelf, and that’s not counting the three or four that have come out recently but I haven’t gotten my hands on. It also doesn’t count the stack of four or five nonfiction books that I keep telling myself I’ll read, because darn it I need more nonfiction in my reading diet.

I think it’s also time that I admitted that my stack of books I got part of the way through and meant to come back to just aren’t going to grab my attention again and need to be either returned to their respective owners or replaced on my general fiction shelves. I’ll try them again sooner or later, probably, but for now I’ve lost interest.

And I’m thinking that even though I said I wasn’t going to keep track of the books I’ve read any more, I like doing that more than I realized, so I’ll keep it up in some form or another.

And just in case you have a baby who’s not earning its keep around the house, here’s today’s must-have item: