Dear Brain,

Please stop coming up with more ideas for material from Kerris’s POV. We agreed a long time ago that it was important to balance our time in Kerris’s head with time in Devlin’s head, which means that for every three thousand words you add to Kerris’s story, you must also provide 3k more for Devlin. More to the point, it must be relevant and appropriate to tell at this point in the story. I know Kerris is having a very fun adventure while Devlin is still rather gloomy right now, but you need to move past that and give me some good material. When in doubt, add ninjas! Or pirates! Oh, don’t talk to me about not having ninjas and pirates. We have desert raiders–they’re like pirates, only with camels instead of ships! Work with me, here! Maybe if you could manage to spice up Devlin’s exterior conflict a bit nobody would notice that he’s Mister Gloomy-Pants right now.

Right, now that we have that cleared up, back to the creative emitting of ideas. Go, Brain, go!

Love and snuggles,