1) The design I settled on had some very strange issues that I don’t have time to figure out how to fix right now, so we are settling for Choice #2. Yay birdie!

2) I don’t want to go to bible study tonight, but I’m going because my group is in charge of coffee snacks and I missed last week and I do like going, even if I feel like a slacker because I haven’t done my questions ahead of time for the second week in a row.

3) Most important: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATT! Not that he much cares if I tell you all it’s his birthday, but I wanted to do it anyway. We went out for lunch and then went shopping (we tried to buy fun stuff, honest, but we ended up with socks, drain cleaner, and dishwasher detergent–we are definitely the life of any party). But really, back to the point: Happy Birthday. :) I will refrain from further mushy-ness now.