Okay, so I’ve been rather swamped lately. You see, there was that unexpected trip east last week, and then all the scrambling to catch up and make sure Matt remembered everything he needs to do (he is now officially done with his school year – yay!) and–taking up most of my time this week–there has been the planning I put off for our upcoming vacation.

That’s right, folks. For the first time in two years, I will be traveling entirely for pleasure. We aren’t meeting anyone or seeing family or going to a conference or anything other than relaxing in the middle of some of God’s beautiful country. And we leave this afternoon. Yipes!

We’ve rented a condo thing outside Park City, Utah for the week, and we will be relaxing, hiking, mountain biking, and generally exploring the Salt Lake City/Provo/Uintas Range/Wasatch-Cache Mountains area for the next week. And, as a reward for your general patience and fabulousness over the last few months, I’ll do my best to post a spectacular (or at least an interesting) photo from the trip every day. We’ll have wifi, and I’m taking my laptop, so there’s no reason this shouldn’t work.

Yay Utah!