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A Resolution

I have decided to stop apologizing.  So hah!  Take that, guilt!  For those who wish I would update a bit more often, I’ve added a widget to display my twitter feed in the right-hand column at the bottom of this page, so you can keep up with goings-on even when I’m not finding much time for blogging.

The last few weeks have been busy ones.  I’ve been writing, Matt’s been super-busy with work and classes, and we currently have almost two feet of snow, and it’s supposed to keep coming down for another 12 hours or so.  I do like snow, but this is really early for winter to hit like this.  I have a feeling we’re going to have a whopper of a winter.  Also, we need to get new tires on the truck.  I thought that could wait for another month or maybe two, but with this much snow we can’t put it off much longer.

As I browsed through a bookstore earlier this week I came across a copy of Elaine St. James’s Simplify Your Life on super-sale, and since I usually do better when I have a checklist of sorts, after I paged through it a bit I brought it home.  (I did pay for it first. I’m not always a book thief.)  I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been updated since it was written in 1994, so there are some pretty great time/lifestyle gap things, but the concepts are all very solid and easily modified to apply to life 15 years later.  And the first thing is to clear out the clutter.

You see, we have a LOT of stuff.  We’ve acquired it in the usual ways: purchased back in the day when we had extra money, gifted by well-meaning friends and family members, swapped with friends, salvaged from other people’s trash, and generally accumulated so slowly we never realized how it was piling up.  We even clean out every time we move, which has been once a year lately, and we STILL have tons of stuff we never use and probably never will.

So, following the first two suggestions in The Book, we have been cleaning out the house during the last two days as drifts of snow piled up outside.  So far, we have almost two 18x18x18-inch boxes of stuff to donate and at least two 30-gallon trash bags to throw out.  That’s from the office (and closet), our bedroom (and closet) and two bathrooms.  We haven’t touched the main living area, the kitchen, or the garage.  It feels really good to get rid of stuff that’s just been sitting there, being moved from apartment to apartment.  It’s amazing–there’s room in the closets for things that have been “living” on the floor, getting kicked out of the way all the time.  Crazy!

Also, we bought some cheap plastic drawers for my quilting fabric, which means now it’s not all piled in big boxes, so I can actually get to what I need without taking over the whole office.  There are drawers for my projects-in-process and all sorts of loveliness.  See?

Fabric Stash!

So today warrants hot chocolate and cozy writing time, at least until Matt gets back from his youth ministry symposium.  Then I suspect there will be snowshoeing.  I’ll try to get video of Shiloh–she LOVES the snow and has tons of fun.

Oh, and I am signed on as a Official Participant for NaNoWriMo 2009, but honestly I haven’t figured out how serious I am about that.  I suppose I should decide, since it starts in two and a half days.

Also, my good friend Venessa Giunta has asked a good question over at her blog:  Do you [as a writer] tell people what you do?

Finally, for those who use Amazon Wish Lists and/or those who wish they could get their hands on a Kindle without paying for it, don’t miss the Kindle Love Sweepstakes.  You can enter through Saturday for the Kindle, and then it moves on to another kind of prize next week.

That’s all for now!  Time for hot chocolate!



  1. I was totally going to reply to this even before I saw my name in there! Thanks for the RB (reblog! ;) )

    I am a clutter queen! I save every freaking thing. I get it from my mom. As a matter of fact, last year she was cleaning out her house and found my Girl Scout vest from when I was, what, 12? Yeah, so guess who has it now. That would be me.

    I have to start doing what you’re doing though. I’ve got boxes I haven’t yet unpacked and we’ve been here almost two years. And the sad thing is, obviously there’s nothing in there I need, right? Well, there are some boxes we’ve rummaged through looking for stuff, so I know some of it is needed, but most of it? Obviously not. I almost want to just dump it altogether, but I’m way too pack-rattish to do that.

    I salute you for de-cluttering your house! Someday, I’ll follow in kind :)


  2. Well we started the every-move cleaning out when we left Maine. Going from 2,000 sqft to something more like 700 forced us to be a bit brutal. But this cleaning has found at least four things we thought had been lost in the Black Hole of Multiple Moves AND leaves us feeling like we can breathe, like everything actually has a place rather than having a hiding place where we can close the door when company comes over. :) I have a feeling there will be a rather brutal review of my fiction bookcases before we’re done. I think I need to set up some guidelines about what I will throw out beforehand, and have Matt make me stick to them. Do I really need those high school copies of the “classics” that I hated so much? Can’t I just get them from the library? Yeah, that’s as much access as I really need. . . .

  3. Hey there gorgeous. I have your blog RSS fed into my livejournal friends page, so I don’t get to reply as often as I like.

    Good for you for cleaning out and I love organizing (I get such a thrill from it myself)

    As for the Nano. I’ve put my name down as a participant as well. Unsure how I will go with Exams, Marking and reports to write at the same time. November = insane.

    Good luck.

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