It’s gratifying to go back and read things I’ve written here and think, “Huh, sometimes I’m pretty funny.”

I haven’t done anything for NaNo today. I’m going to stick more or less to my usual writing schedule, especially as the goal is a month-long one and my daily average goal of pages to revise is just that–an average. That means I’ll probably work more hours on my writing days, but I’ll still take days off, because I really don’t function well without time to relax.

Also, I stood up in heels for five hours this morning and sang for about three of those hours, and I think that entitles my brain to shut down for a fair portion of the rest of the afternoon. Yes, my feet are connected to my brain through the direct link of my body, so don’t mess with my logic.

In other news, I’m kidnapping Matt later this week and taking him up to the mountains. It’ll be great. There will probably still be snow. And I found a place that will let us bring Shiloh without charging extra. Best of everything! I’m jazzed.

And now I’m beginning to babble, which clearly signals the appropriate time for me to stop typing.