I stole my husband for a few days this weekend and took him up to the mountains.  He contests that I did not kidnap him because he went willingly, and it’s true that he asked me to make the arrangements in the first place, but it’s more fun to say I husband-napped him.

At any rate, we had a lovely time, met some lovely people and saw some great scenery, and got three very nice horseback rides in.  The first was a good warm-up, the second satisfyingly filled with loping, and the third with a bit more technical narrow-trail riding up and down some really amazing terrain.  We took Shiloh with us, and she had fun with the two ranch dogs.  She adjusted to the goats and horses really quickly, and came along with us for all three rides, though it was clear that we plumb wore her out by the end of the last one.  She only got nipped once, when she annoyed one of the horses by running around too close to him on the trail.  Scared her more than anything, and taught her the appropriate lesson.

As usual, I had great intentions for taking all kinds of photos, and I failed miserably on the follow-through.  Regardless, it was wonderful and relaxing and I suspect we will be going back sooner or later.  Hopefully sooner.

I feel like I should have more to say, but I really don’t.  Maybe that’s because it’s just about time to head to bed.  Speaking of which, I’m headed in that direction.