I did not get chosen to sit on a jury, though it took most of 6 hours to get to that point.

Last night was the last meeting for my fall women’s Bible study, and I have to say I already look forward to the next session, which will start sometime in January.

It occurs to me that I should start with the holiday candy and cookie making fairly soon if I intend to have anything done in time to send it before Christmas.  Also, the house is a total mess, which will greatly hinder the decorating-for-Christmas plans we have been nursing all week but have been too busy to follow through with.

So today is a cleaning day–cleaning the last of the kitchen (which we started last night) so it can be cooked in again, finishing the laundry I got mostly done on Tuesday, tidying up and putting away all the things in the living room, dining room, and office that have gotten stacked into piles and shoved out of the way in the last few weeks.  Also, I will check the mail.

And since it’s frigid outside today, I’ll most likely take a break to read on the couch while snuggled under the magic blanket with the dog cuddled up beside me to keep me warm.

All in all?  Things are pretty good.  Now, on with the Christmas music and bottoms up to the coffee mug!