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Looking Back…. 2009 and The Decade in Review

It’s time for one of my favorite blogging traditions (how lame am I? please don’t answer). The first sentence from the first entry of every month during 2009:

  • January – So I’m in Houston; no problems with my flight.
  • February – I haven’t been doing a very good job of following the news lately.
  • March – The kitchen is a mess this morning.
  • April – Aussie writer Colin Rawsell has posted an excellent entry in his blog about depression and its effects on writers.
  • May – I am a vain, fickle creature.
  • June – Apologies yet again for failing in my blog schedule… I’ve uploaded more photos from the trip and made comments over on flickr, in the Utah album.
  • July – I haven’t posted in quite a while.
  • August – Made up a salad tonight to take to dinner at our friends’ house.
  • September – For those of you actually reading this via my website rather than Facebook or a feed, you might notice that the blog is lacking in its usual visual charms.
  • October – I have been lax in my bloggelation duties.
  • November – It’s gratifying to go back and read things I’ve written here and think, “Huh, sometimes I’m pretty funny.”
  • December – Well December has come in with a bang here–first of all, my sister-in-law delivered a healthy baby boy in the wee hours of the morning, so that makes me an aunt again!

Also, Jenny Rae Rappaport posted today about how for people our age (I’m within a year of her) the last decade was full of milestones and turning points as we went about figuring out what life’s about and how we’re going to get on with things. So here’s the list of momentous things (for me) that have happened in the last ten years, roughly in order:

  1. Lived in Hungary for 4 months
  2. Graduated high school
  3. Went to four colleges
  4. Still managed to graduate in 4 years
  5. Learned to quilt
  6. Learned to ski
  7. Figured out I do like physical exertion, sometimes :)
  8. Bought a car
  9. Spent 5 weeks exploring Europe
  10. Got married!
  11. Moved 18 times
  12. Lived in 5 states
  13. Finally found Home
  14. Got diagnosed and went on medication for depression
  15. Got a Masters’ degree
  16. Went into debt
  17. Trained a puppy
  18. Wrote two novels
  19. Rewrote one
  20. Figured out what in the world I’m doing

I’m working on a real update with actual information and maybe even photos that should go up before the weekend.  I know, I know.  You’re thinking, “Dearest Betsy, you always dangle these promises but you never follow through!”  Well, I’ll try really hard this time.  I promise.  Unless I get busy and forget.  Then I probably won’t try very hard, but I will feel really bad.

Also?  Thanks to Maggie Steifvater and her evil insidious blog posts about it, I am seriously considering some resolutions for the next year.  And by “seriously considering” I mean “I feel like I should but I have no idea what they should be so I’m thinking hard.”

That’s about all for tonight.


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  1. I’m stealing your supposided lame tradition because it is not lame….

    Have a great new year Betsy. May God bless and keep you and your husby well.

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