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The Holidays: A Photo Essay

It’s been a busy month and I think the best way to sum it all up is in photos.  Let’s go, then.

We decorated our tree on December 6th.  Pretty, yes?  I liked it:

We also decorated our windows and porch with lights, and appropriated the community bushes in front of our porch.  Viola!

And I did a LOT of baking. This is just one day’s collection, out of six or seven.

For Christmas, Shiloh got a new bone with real (!) meaty bits still on it. She also watched us carefully to be sure we did not steal her priceless treasure.

And I got a horse! He’s a bit small but, you know, we’re working in baby steps. His package dubbed him ‘Houston’, and he now resides on my desk in the office.

The next day, we used our Christmas money to buy a new (big!) TV. For reference, here’s the old setup:

Here’s the new setup, taken just a few minutes ago as Matt plays video games:

The big blue thing is still with us, it just traded places with what is now the media cabinet and is doing honorable duty housing baking pans and serving dishes in the dining room.

Pretty much as soon as the new TV was hooked up, we had some guys over for a gaming extravaganza. The boys had a great deal of fun killing Nazi zombies, and I did a great deal of cleaning in other parts of the house.

To compensate for all this television watching and video gaming, we went snowshoeing with some friends up near Brainard Lake.

For part of the time, we made Shiloh wear her booties. She doesn’t like them much, but they protect her feet from clumping snow and shards of ice in the winter, and from cacti and other prickly things in the summer, so we’re trying to get her more used to them. I wish I’d gotten video of the first few minutes she was wearing them. It was priceless.

Along the snowshoe trail, which in the summer is actually an access road to a reservoir, there were several signs which made one policy very clear:

Wait. What? No shooting, except for the people who would logically be shooting anyway. I mean, I realize there are plenty of mountain folk who go out and shoot cans or their friends or themselves in the foot, but do you really think they’re going to pay attention to a little sign? It made me laugh.

Nothing very interesting has happened since then. Video games have been played, laundry has been done, the dog has been walked. I’m trying to get back on the writing productivity bandwagon, but it’s been a bit stop-and-go. Not hopeless, just slower than I’d like.

Today I vanquished… er… assembled… this cute little table, which will help provide horizontal space that was lost when the TV cabinets got exchanged. See? Cute! Assembled! No missing or extra pieces! Go me!

And that’s the last month, in photos.


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  1. Looks good!! Love the Booties on Shiloh!! Thanks for the Wonderful Holiday Party, it was really nice. Love, Holli

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