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Shiloh, the Working Dog

Last week, we visited Matt’s family in central New York. Once again, I took the camera and once again, I took no photos with it. I need a camera grafted into my hand or something. At any rate, it was a good visit, full of conversations and laughter and visiting and cuteness (the latter mostly on the part of our niece Tori, who is 19 months old). It was a good visit, and it was good to come home at the end.

But what I’m really writing to tell you all is that Shiloh can now (informally) be known as a working dog! More accurately, she will be doing one of her favorite things, and I will be paid to get her there and keep her under control during the one day we have been contracted for.

And now it’s time to play LEGO Star Wars with Matt, so that tantalizing tidbit will have to hold you over until I write out the whole story tomorrow.


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