At the moment, the gym situation has tanked. I haven’t been in over a week, and thanks to a very close look at finances earlier this week I’m reevaluating our extra cash situation which would allow for a gym membership cost. As in, there very well might not be extra cash, resulting in no gym membership money. This is not entirely certain yet, but it seems likely. I am reluctant to tell my gym buddy about the potentially impending decision, as then I will not be her gym buddy. Fortunately, I have good reason to believe that we will still be general buddies otherwise.

I have, however, been working on my query letter. I intend to finalize it and start querying on the novel during November, while I write my NaNovel and travel across the country and back with the dog in our SUV. Whee!

Pretty much everything else that’s been occupying my time and energy is related to the much-vaunted Super Sekrit Project, but I have good news!

It is not that I can reveal the nature of the Super Sekrit Project to the general public.


However, I CAN promise that an announcement revealing the Sekrit is not far away!


It is still not a baby, a book deal, or another dog.