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Random Thought

I was listening to the radio while driving today, and “Bye Bye” by JoDee Messina (sp?) came on–it’s one of those songs I love to sing along to, which makes it rather remarkable that I’ve never noticed that the line is “Got my left foot down on my accelerator…”

Because I don’t know about you, but I’ve never, ever stepped on the accelerator with my left foot. The clutch pedal? Yes. Accelerator? That’s my right foot, thanks.

Maybe she’s in Britain? Singing American country songs? The world may never know.



  1. The pedal arrangement for right-hand drive cars (e.g. UK, Australia) is the same – left to right, it’s clutch, brake, accelerator. It’s pretty much the only thing that doesn’t change, switching between countries.

    I think Ms Messina just didn’t watch enough Sesame Street as a kid ;)

  2. A friend elsewhere suggested that it might not be “left foot” but “lead foot”, which actually makes quite a bit of sense. Good to know the pedals are the same everywhere, though! It’s the little things that make me happy….

  3. it is lead foot

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