It’s been one of the busiest years I can remember, and not only because we now have a baby to absorb every single extra second of our days (and a few non-extra ones as well, if we’re honest).

What can I say that’s worth saying?  We’ve done a lot of work around the house–mostly outdoors this year, as the majority of the indoor projects are finished or very close to it.

I’ve been participating in a certificate program through Princeton Theological Seminary, which means classes every other month or so since February.  That goes through the end of this calendar year, and then I will hold a Certificate of Theology and Ministry, which is satisfying to the scholarly bit of my heart.

I’ve managed to kill another plant and two more are on their way to death’s door, though I’m trying not to push them along the path.

I’m beginning to have the time and inclination to write fiction again, which is gratifying–unfortunately my brain is so out of practice that I need to set up some structured writing time to nudge the creative process along.  Most of my “writing” of late has been on facebook and twitter, in the form of a couple of sentences at a time (at most). So it will take a little time before my brain catches up to the function of writing in a longer format.

We’re winning the battle of the junk piles, barely.  The spread of junk paperwork has been limited to just one room, and only one pile in that room at present, which is a fairly major miracle in and of itself, but there is also some progress about to be made on the random boxes of stuff in the bottom of the guest room closet, and then I have plans to clean out the office closet–which is nigh unheard-of.

There are, of course, many projects that still need attention, but at least things are getting done. I’m getting a bit better at the “one thing at a time” mentality. Lots of things would be nice to have done; very few are immediately necessary. I’m working on separating them and approaching each type of thing differently. Maturity is insidious sometimes. ;)

At any rate, I ought to keep moving along. It’s good to write more than a few sentences at a time for an audience, however small that audience may be at present. In my experience writing feeds writing, thinking feeds thinking, and conversation feeds conversation–so this seems  like a good place to start the cycle.