Hi. I’m Betsy Whitt. For a long time I’ve described myself as tall, blonde, and easily distracted… and that’s still pretty accurate. It’s also reflected in the blog a lot of the time, at least the easily distracted part. (Fair warning given!)

At one point this blog was focused on writing and reading–talking about them, lamenting not getting enough time to do them, analyzing various aspects of them I ran into often. Lately, life has gotten a lot crazier and posts have gotten less frequent and more general in topic.  Now the blog contains my thoughts on many of the things I’m interested in and that I encounter as I go about my life.  Part of me doesn’t want to acknowledge this, as that seems boring and stale (as opposed to my brilliant and riveting discourses on writing, which clearly are SO HARD TO FIND ON THE INTERNET) (that was me being sarcastic), but the truth is that I encounter a fair number of oddities and interesting things in the course of a normal month, and people tell me that I can make a fairly entertaining story out of a relatively mundane event, so interesting things are easy to talk about. So what I’m saying is that this is where I talk about whatever comes to mind, and if other people find it interesting or entertaining, well, that will be swell.  And if they don’t? At least I’ll amuse myself.

What do I find interesting, you ask? Well, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music (Voice) from Eastern University and a Master of Arts in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. Obviously I’m okay with living in a cardboard box for the rest of my life if left to my own income. But more pertinent to the question is that I am still interested in both music and writing and mention them often here.  As a parent, I suspect babies and stories about my kiddos in particular could appear pretty regularly, along with thoughts and observations about parenting and this crazy strange world I get to raise my children in.  I cook and bake a lot, and sometimes I share recipes, though I try not to go overboard on the food photos.  I am almost always behind on the laundry.  I also like to quilt, hike, and ski, but lately those things don’t happen as often as I might wish due to both time and money constraints.

A lot of my life (and my husband’s) is wrapped up in our involvement in our local church and our faith.  During the course of 2013 I completed a Certificate program from Princeton Theological Seminary.  Otherwise, my husband Matt and I have lived in Colorado since 2006, and we have a dog named Shiloh and a rotating cycle of plants that I routinely kill–even the cacti (which I do not over-water, thanks for asking). I tend to name the plants even though I know they’ll die soon.

All of these things are mentioned rather frequently around these parts, along with anything else that springs to mind.

If you’d like to know anything else, feel free to send me an email (betsy at betsywhitt.com) or comment on any of the blog entries. Welcome!